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Welcome to Flantics' Comic Archive

This is a comic dedicated to displaying all of Flashlight Antics' failed projects, unfinished comics, and other such random things that never made it to the the internet.

All comics were made by Flashlight Antics and are placed in this archive with the fans in mind. Instead of erasing the comics completely, they exist here for the viewer to partake in.


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OS - Comic 9
OS - Comic 9

26 Mar 2010 06:04 am

Getting the ball rolling

This is for anyone that happens to stumble upon this comic. This comic is intended COMPLETELY for my comics that I don't update anymore as well as a few others that I ended up erasing in the past. I will also throw in a few projects that I never actually posted as an actual comic on Smack Jeeves OR Drunk Duck.

For now, I'm still in the process of uploading the comics and other materials...expect all comics to be in a specific order. They will be listed with the banners first then the comic in chronological order. And they will be divided into chapters that are dependent on the comic they are featuring.

That being said, I want everyone to know that I'm doing this for two reasons. One, I'm getting sick of looking at the banners of the comics I never update and thinking "damn, I should update that". It's a constant reminder of my writer's block that I have for them. So instead of deleting them completely and removing them from my sight, I opted to post them here, where all the fans can see them.

Which brings me to my second reason...for the fans of the comics and of my works individually. I'm doing this for you guys. I know that most of you would be happier if I actually updated the comics to begin with, but I just don't have it in me to do so. I want my inactive projects swept under the rug so I can replace them with something fresh and new should I feel so inclined. But I don't want to take away material that people could have potentially have wanted to read again and again.

I hope none of you think less of me for doing this, but please understand that this is in both your interest and my own. It's that happy medium that can make both parties happy to some degree.

Enjoy the archive, and happy reading!
-Flantics out

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